Sa Pa / Bac Ha

Bac Ha has long been known to domestic and foreign tourists as "White Highlands". Pictures of the land and Bac Ha people went into the singing lyrics "Bac Ha land of green mountain, Bac Ha people deep love deep affection." Not only that, visitors also know a Bac Ha with multi-colored cultural ethnicities, the dance spreads the charm of the heart, by the pristine beauty of the natural landscape, by the cool fresh air, rustic, simple but vibrant of the highland markets, with warm feelings of the Bac Ha people.

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Morning : Discover Lao Cai 

8:00 am : company’s bus and guide pick you up in the hotel or at the train station. Start  Sapa – Bac Ha Market 1 day tour . Tourists will visit the Bac Ha market about 110 km from Sapa – a famous market in Lao Cai just only meeting  once a week on Sunday. 

10:30 am : You walk to visit the booths of local people, witnesses the scene from other local traders to the commodities exchange with ethnic minorities.

Next, You will visit the Horse market , Buffalo market, Pig market special and busy. In Bac Ha market, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the ethnic dishes, specialty wines made from glutinous rice, cassava, maize, as well as the types of fresh fruits such as plums, apples, pears ... Especially, you can talk with the people here through the interpretation of the guide and buy handmade souvenirs weaving brocade very nicely.

12:00 pm: You have a lunch at Bac ha market. Then you visit the village and the home of the King of Hmong people - Hoang A Tuong was French and the Chinese built in 1920. 

Afternoon : The end of the tour 

3:00 pm : Tourists come back to town. The end of Sapa- Bac Ha Market Full Day Tour